Occupational safety

TMK’s occupational safety policy promotes health and safety of the Company’s employees, mitigates risks of emergencies which might have an adverse effect on the employees’ health and occupational safety.

TMK complies with any applicable laws and international health and safety standards.

Our occupational safety and health management systems are OHSAS 18001 certified, and their efficiency is acknowledged by annuals audits conducted by the world’s leading audit firms, such as Bureau Veritas Certification, SAI Global and Lloyd’s Register.

Pursuant to the amendments to the occupational safety laws of the Russian Federation effective since 1 January 2014, we have worked out and begun deploying a phased implementation plan for a new occupational safety system providing for a Special Health and Safety Assessment and ensuring guarantees and benefits for employees in accordance with the amended law.

We strive to continuously improve working conditions, with our facilities enjoying a stable low rate of workplace injuries and occupational diseases. In 2014, we invested over USD 28 m in occupational health and safety initiatives. Our key focus is on prevention of accidents and emergencies, including:

In 2014, TMK’s Russian plants received the following awards for health and safety excellence:

In 2014, TMK IPSCO facilities demonstrated excellent industrial safety performance: